Failures Of A Blogger...


To tell you the truth I gave up on blogging after two posts. It wasn't that I didn't want to write or blog any more because I did. Honestly it was because I thought I had failed before I had even began. It's not because hardly anyone reads my posts that didn't bother me, I blog mostly for myself. It takes work I don't expect to have lots of readers after a few posts. It was just simply because I couldn't get this blog up and running. I had these grand ideas of what I wanted to do with the blog regarding design and various other things and when I struggled to do it myself I gave up. I really love blogging and I have heard off other bloggers the great community blogging has given them and I know it'll help me in the future when I am struggling with certain issues. I haven't given up just yet and I hope to be back on the blogging train soon. I just need to find someone to work with who can give me a new design because mine is rubbish and I really have not got the patience or the time to create a new design. If anyone knows of anyone who can give me a brand spanking new design then please send them my way.

This post has been way to heavy for me so here is a picture of how I spent my weekend.

Yes I spent my weekend sat on the sofa drinking tea with perfectly chipped nails.

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