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So it's been 7 months since the last time that I blogged. I barely even started this blogging journey and I just upped and left whoops. In all honesty I am a visual person and my blog design is horrible, I can't even look at it. I am terrible at coding and other things to do with design so I just gave up on blogging. But I hope to find someone to work with who is able to help with my design of the blog. If you know anyone then please comment so I can get some help!

In order to get me back into the blogging journey I thought I would join in on a fun little post that I have seen floating around.

Four nicknames I have had:
Pumba (my friend calls me this because we love the Lion King)
Babe (when I was in a relationship)
CJ (the initials of my name)

Four movies I have watched more than once:
Any Disney movie (Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo and The Lion King being my favourite)
Love Actually
Pitch Perfect

Four jobs I have had: 
Babysitting for a family friend
A cleaner for a cleaning company

Four things in my purse: 
Chapstick/lip balm
Hand cream

My purse that I keep all of my money, my i.d and cards in

Four places I have lived:
I have only ever lived in Wales and moved twice but they were all in the same area.

Four places I have visited:

Four places on my travel bucket list:
Bora Bora

Four things I don't eat:
Dark chocolate

Four tv shows I watch (currently)
Law and Order SVU
Pretty Little Liars

Four cars I have driven:
I am currently learning to drive so other than my dads car and my driving instructors car I haven't driven any!

Four things I am looking forward to in 2015:

Finishing my exams
Going on holiday with my friends
Starting university
Getting this blog up and running

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