Confession Time...


I might of eaten a Mcdonalds after stating on Friday I needed to go on a diet which was supposed to of started Monday but you can't start on a bank holiday right?

I went on a date on the weekend and walked into a door. It was one of those automatic doors that just did not open and I just walked straight into it. Needless to say I was totally embarrassed but he laughed it off so I think I pulled it off.

I have done no studying what so ever. It isn't my fault people keep making awesome plans that I just have to attend. I just can't so no to a glass of wine catching up with my friends or a take out at my other friends house, or shopping or a date. This week I will get my head down #notpromisinganything. 

I am awesome at crazy golf no lie. I beat all my friends and even won on the bonus hole where I win a free round next time I go. I have never laughed so much as I did that day, my friends were so awful and I was just there like bossed it.

I only fake tan the bottom half of my legs when wearing a long skirt. I wore this stripy long pencil skirt and it only covered half of my legs and who has time to fake tan all their leg if no one is going to see it? Not me. I saved myself an extra half hour to drink more wine whilst getting ready.

I have still not found someone to help me design my blog. It is so frustrating that I can't execute my ideas. I wish I was tech savvy but I am not. Comment if you know anyone who is good at designing blog designs or I may have to gauge my eyes out if I look at this monstrosity of a blog design one more time. 

Tonight I am going to indulge in yet another unhealthy type of food #sorrynotsorry. Near me there is an American inspired dessert place where they do the best waffles ever. I mean m&m waffles who can say no to that. I will leave you with a picture of the best waffle I have ever tasted.

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