Five On Friday...


1) I have no plans for this weekend but staying in and studying for my finals. I am crying just thinking of it.

This will be me all weekend when I realise how much I need to remember but can't remember.

2) Have you all seen Taylor Swift's new video for Bad Blood. I can't stop watching it, I think it's perfectly directed and holy moly what a cast of people who make an appearance. If you haven't seen it then I suggest you do. I am not one for watching music videos but I think it is so perfectly done.

Click here to watch it

3) Last week I ordered two new bikinis and yesterday they came in the mail. I immediately started crying because I need to get in shape before I even bother to wear them. So if any of you have some recommendations on healthy recipes that are easy to cook and some quick exercises that I can do at home to tone up then send them my way.

4)  I am so sad that CSI is ending. I am behind because I live in the U.K but I read an article that it is ending after the current season in America. Is this true? I have watched every episode and it is one of the only shows I watch religiously and now it's ending I do not know what I will do with myself. I will miss it so much.

5) I sound like a broken record saying this but can someone please help me with my design or know anyone who can help me with my design. I really want to write more on this blog of mine but with the design like it is, it's making me really unmotivated to write anything. So if you know of anyone then comment below please.

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Hope you all have a great weekend and happy memorial weekend to all my American readers.

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