1| My blogging game has sucked lately. Like I mentioned in my previous posts my motivation has gone down hill this Summer. All I want to do is soak up the rest of the weather and spend time with those who are in town. Does anyone else suffer with motivation to blog in the Summer or is it just me? Now that things have settled down I can finally get back to blogging. I have managed to write up at least 3 or 4 posts during this week and can't wait to share them with you. 

2| One month today until I move, 4 weeks, 28 days guys, I am so excited yet so nervous as I haven't been away from my family or friends before. But this will be an experience that I will learn a hell of a lot from and I am having so much fun buying things for my new house! I never knew how much stuff you needed to buy for a new house yikes.

3| I have been going on a few dates with someone and things were going perfectly until the whole moving away situation occurred. I know long distance relationships can work (I have been in my fair share before) but it just seemed like it wasn't something that we were both ready to deal with. So we decided to just end it before it got anymore serious. 
4| This weekend I have 0 plans except binge watching TV. I can't wait it feels so good not to have a weekend full of plans so I can just relax and do what I want. I hate how come Sunday night I am so exhausted because I was go go go all weekend so it'll be nice just to chill out.  

5| Is it just me that loves looking at ecards, they make me laugh so much!
The ones below sum up how I felt this week in a nutshell. 

Hope you all have a great weekend enjoying what is left of Summer!


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  1. haha lord have mercy - those funnies!!

    Weekends with no plans are the absolute best!

    1. I know right? Just relaxing on the weekend especially Sundays are the best. I am exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around with all the stuff going on in the week!


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