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Two of my favourite Bloggers Erin and Kristin recently did a post all about their obsessions. I knew as soon as I read their posts that I needed to do one of my own. All I had to do was ask a few of my family/friends what they thought my obsessions were and what comes to mind when they think of me. I asked 8 family/friends and recorded my answers below. 

7/8 people said Disney/Disney films. This is so true I would choose to watch Disney films over any other film there is and usually watch one at least once a week. I also own the Now Disney Album that I frequently play in the car and you can almost always find me quoting Disney films. This one did not surprise me at all. 

It is fair to say I have watched every one of these.

7/8 people also said crime shows. Some people said Csi, Castle and Law&Order SVU so I labelled them all under crime shows. If I am not watching Disney films then you can bet I am watching anything to do with the above shows. You can just tell that from my blog.

6/7 people said Italian food. Whenever I get to chose a restaurant for dinner it is always Italian. It is my favourite cuisine  and helps me feel that little bit closer to Italy (I will visit one day) Pizza and pasta yes please.

6/7 also said shopping. My dad messaged me ''shopping shopping shopping'' so I guess he knows me well, maybe because when I was younger it was all coming out of his bank account. I love shopping and can't say no to a sale, I always justify a purchase by saying it was in the sale. If there was a job where I could shop all day I would happily take it.

This gif seemed appropriate. 

5/8 people said ice cream. This is my go to and I love to sit in front of the Tv watching a show and eating ice cream. I am so bad at self control when it comes to ice cream I usually end up eating the whole carton. 

5/8 people also said hot baths. There is nothing like a hot bath when you have had an exhausting day or need time to relax. You'll usually find me in there with a magazine. 

4/8 said sleep. I need at least 9/10 hours to function, I physically cannot function on anything less. I go to bed between 10pm-12am and do not wake before 8. Mornings aren't something I love. I know I am in for a rude awakening when I have a baby, 6am wake up calls no thank you. 

4/8 people also said organisation. I love to be organised way ahead of time. If I am going on holiday you can bet I have picked my clothes, ironed them and packed them about a week before I go. I cannot deal with the frantic rushing around because from experience that is when I forget something! I also carry a planner with me and tons of lists so I can be on top of my game.

3/8 said tea. I am surprised more people didn't say this. I have at least two cups a day one when I wake up and one before bed. I need a good cup of tea in order to function. 

2/8 said painted nails. I hate to have chipped nails or them not to be painted, I feel much more put together with painted nails. Monthly manicures/pedicures are a must. Although it has been 6 weeks since my last one yikes!

A few other things that came up were Netflix, beach days, Summer, alcohol and Christmas. 

There you go a little insight into the things I love via my family and friends!

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  1. This is such a sweet post. I'm a sucker for a good Disney film too. They are my absolute favorite. They take me back to my ten year old days when I had Lion King sheets. They were the coolest.

    Glad to have discovered your blog!


    1. I love Lion King, my nickname is Pumba and my friend is Timon haha! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I LOVE DISNEY MOVIES!!!! I would choose a Disney movie over any other movie ever. I love italian food too, the best food!

    1. So would I, I love Disney movies! Yes anything Italian pasta, pizza my favourite with Mexican in at close second.


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