Thank God Its Friday..


Hello! Is anyone there? Yes I am still alive, shame I can't say the same about my little space around here. But here I am attempting to show up and get back on the blogging train...

1| It is less than a month until I finish up my first term of university to say I cannot wait would be an understatement. This month has been full of big decisions when it comes to University, I have decided that next year I will be moving to a different University, doing a completely new course and staying closer to home. I really am having a hard time with the course I am currently doing and it is making me not even want to attend lessons because I hate it that much. It is also having an impact on my mental health, I hate to be known as a quitter but I tried and hopefully the new course next year will enable me to not only do what I want to do in the future but to also be much happier. 

2| Have you all seen the John Lewis advert?? You know Christmas is nearing when they release their annual Christmas advert. I was so moved by it. If you haven't watched it you can watch it here

3| I have started to come up with a few things for my Christmas wishlist that I would really like to have. Starting with these earrings, this ring, this pinafore dress and this book. I am finding it hard to decide what I want this year for Christmas so hopefully I can find something closer to the time!

4| It is November (has been for 13 days I know I know) which means that the Christmas markets start to open in the area where I currently live. Bath is such a beautiful area and the Christmas lights and markets really make it feel like Christmas. I can't wait to walk around drinking a hot drink and buying homemade crafts and presents. 

5| We have had non stop rain for over a week now and the temperatures have dropped way below what is acceptable. So for the past week all I have done is hibernate and watch Christmas movies. Yep Sky has brought back its 24 hour Christmas movie channel, Christmas movies all day everyday who can say no to that. 

I think most of these things have been about Christmas 'tis the season I suppose. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. 24 hours of Christmas movies?! Well that sounds amazing!

    1. I know it is bad for my socialising skills though when all I want to do is hibernate and watch films!

  2. Bummer about the rain, ugh, that is no fun. Hope the sun shines on you soon!

    1. I know it hasn't stopped raining for 2 weeks now, I hate Winter!


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