Favourite Christmas Movies...


Considering all I have been doing for the past week is watching Christmas movies I thought I would share with you my favourites...

1| Home Alone

Personally I don't think its Christmas until you have watched Home Alone, although I watch it year around it is something about watching it at Christmas that gets me. This is a classic movie that everyone loves, am I right? 

2| Elf

This is my favourite Will Ferrell movie by far. I always manage to laugh out loud at this movie and it really gets me in the Christmas spirit. Buddy the elf reminds me of myself as he loves Christmas just like me;)

3| Its a Wonderful Life

A classic from 1946 starring James Stewart and Donna Reed and directed by Frank Capra.

This is one of those films that is not only enjoyable to watch but has a really important message behind it all. We all have an impact on peoples lives no matter how big or small, sometimes movies with messages behind them are the best sorts of movies.

4| National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

This reminds me of some of my Christmas festivities in the past which have been chaotic. It has the mantra of ''anything that can go wrong will'' and sometimes that is what happens during all our Christmas holidays, nothing is perfect! It has all the Christmas traditions thrown in there with a hell of a lot of laughs.

5| Love Actually

I love romantic comedies, they are one of my favourite genres of movies to watch so Love Actually fits right in;) It has a great cast and a great story line. I love taking a peek into peoples (love) lives so this movie suits me!

Also special mention to these other Christmas classics that I love to watch, The Grinch, , Santa Claus the movie, The Holiday and Jingle all the way.  

What are your favourite Christmas films?

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  1. I've never watched Love Actually or It's A Wonderful Life but the other three are definitely on my favourites list! I'm also a big fan of The Muppet Family Christmas and Charlie Brown's Christmas.

    1. You have to watch those movies they are so good! Especially Love Actually.
      Everyone loves the muppets and charlie brown! Haven't watched them this year though, with all the others on my list ha.

  2. I love all of these!! Just watched It's A Wonderful Life last night :) My all time favorite is White Christmas!

    1. I have never watched White Christmas, definitely going to watch it tonight, I am looking for some new movies to add to the list of Christmas films.
      I love it's a wonderful life such a good film!


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