Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall...


Goodbye hot and sticky weather; hello cool and crisp air
Goodbye shorts; hello sweaters
Goodbye ice tea; hello pumpkin spice lattes
Goodbye camping; hello fireplaces
Goodbye salads; hello soup
Goodbye beach days; hello binge watching Autumn shows
Goodbye sunflowers; hello crunchy leaves
Goodbye flip flops; hello boots
Goodbye Fourth of July and Labour day; hello Halloween
Goodbye August; hello September
Goodbye Summer; hello Fall.

I can't believe that it is September already, this year is flying by! Whilst I enjoyed Summer and I tried not to wish it away all that much, I am so happy that Fall is here.

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  1. I am seriously so excited about fall! This post did a wonderful job of reminding me of all of the reasons I love it so much :D

    1. As soon as it is September you can catch me burning my favourite fall scent, binge watching all the shows, eating all the soups and chili and dressing in plaid and wearing boots!
      Fall is my favourite season.


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