Sometimes we all need a good confession session, it works wonders for the soul. 

I confess that...

I have been so busy these past few weeks that blogging has taken a backseat. I have been working non stop, spending as much time with family and friends before I move and packing up all my things into boxes that by the time I finished I just don't feel like whipping up any posts. 

I am obsessed with Snapchat lately. I love seeing snippets of peoples lives, especially of the unfiltered and staged variety. If you have Snapchat then add me my username is courtjonesxx 

I need to be better with my spending, I frequently buy things when I don't really need them and it is no good with my bank balance. Now that I am on a student budget there really is no room to be buying those £50 boots. Anyone have any good budgeting tips?

I am SO glad that Fall has arrived. Cooler temperatures, boots, scarves, plaid, pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween. Fall is my favourite season by far. 

I have a really bad habit of never taking photos. You will see most of my posts have 0 photos and I know to be a good blogger each post needs at least one photo but I simply forget as I am just living in said moment that getting my phone out for a photo doesn't cross my mind until it is too late.

I have fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon these past few weeks. With everything going on I have been grabbing things as I go and stopping for takeouts on my way home. I really need to start planning my meals again as I don't feel good eating junk all the time.

What are you confessing? Comment below.

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  1. I confess I had snapchat for a while, and I stopped using it. Hmmmm maybe I should open up that app again.....

    1. I am so addicted to it, it is so much easier snapping a quick snap shot of something when I am living in the moment instead of wasting 20 minutes trying to get that perfects shot!
      You should give it another try and add me.

  2. The best way for me to avoid buying things is to avoid the shops altogether. If I don't see it, I can't want it!

    1. That is totally a good one, but online shopping is the worst habit for me. I can avoid shops for the rest of eternity but online shopping not so much!

  3. I know what you mean about getting so busy that blogging has to take the back seat -- it is easy to get so caught up with life :) I am crazy excited about this fall weather! I usually remember that I should have taken photos after something happens ha ha.

    1. With me moving I have been trying to spend as much time enjoying the last few months in my hometown and spending time with friends family that blogging has to take a backseat!
      The u.k always gets on board with fall weather late August/early September so I am so lucky I live in a climate where seasons cooperate.


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