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The time between Christmas and New  Year is always the time I get the most reflective. I always sit down and think about the past year and what I want to improve/achieve in the following year. 

I usually end up writing a big list of goals I want to do or achieve that are totally unattainable or that I know I will only stick to for a few weeks. I start the beginning of the year full of enthusiasm and ready to tackle said goals and by the end of January I fall off the bandwagon.

It then leaves me deflated for the rest of the year, not having completed said goals. Seeing others sticking to their New Years resolutions whilst I am sat in the corner feeling like a failure. 

This year I don't want to be a failure but I know that setting unrealistic goals I will only be setting myself up to fail, so instead this year I have come up with a few attainable goals that I would like to achieve this year.


  • Find someone to help me redesign this blog space (anyone know of anyone who can help a girl out)
  • Make sure that I capture moments on my phone/camera as we all know that a good blog post has at least one picture right?
  • Update all my pages 
  • Post at least 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)


  • Exercise 3x a week for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Limit myself to one can/glass of soda per day 
  • Eat a more healthy diet
  • Drink more water 

  • Go one month without spending any money on things that aren't necessities
  • Save 25% of my earnings every month
  •  Use discounts/coupons when possible (it is surprising how much you save)
  • Start making a big hole in my student debt

How do you feel about New Years resolutions? Do you make them or not? If so what are yours for the year?

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  1. Gahhh, student loans are the worst - that's one of our major goals this year, too. I JUST redid my blog over the weekend and used a template from Pipdig and would highly recommend them! Super easy and great prices!

    1. I know I hate the thought of being in so much debt so instead of spending money on things that aren't necessities I am going to dedicate the money to my student loans this year ugh.
      Definitely going to check the website out over the weekend!

  2. loved reading your goals for the year!! here's to the best of luck in knocking them out!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I cannot wait to actually complete these goals, instead of actually only lasting a week.


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