Thursday Thoughts {Life Update}


Give me a moment whilst I dust the cobwebs from this blog space of mine. It has been a hot minute since I last updated this little space of mine so I thought I would catch you all up on my life lately with a currently post before I get back to semi regular posting over here.

Reading: Nothing other than reading material for my university. I have about 9 books stacked around my room that I have to read parts of and also I have to read a ton of articles about various things so the last thing I want to do after spending hours reading Philosophy and Religion articles is read leisurely. But I have been plugging through my blog reading list!

Watching: All the Fall TV such as Castle, Law&Order SVU, Friday Night Lights, Made in Chelsea and tons of other programs that are back! Seriously I have so many I need to get through in the next few weeks. Also been watching tons of Disney films too as always.

Listening to: Carrie Underwood- Smoke Break, I came across this song on an advert and I have been hooked ever since. Never really listened to Carrie Underwood before but her new album is out soon and I will definitely buy it after hearing some of the songs from it. 

Eating: Nothing that is worth writing about. Since I have moved I haven't cooked much if at all. I just haven't had the energy after a long day to prepare anything spectacular but on the plus side I have managed to perfect the best grilled cheese sandwich! Hopefully when the temperatures dip pretty low I will get back into the whole eating soup and other warm dishes but until then grilled cheese it is.

Wearing: The temperatures have dropped a lot over the past week or two which means I can finally start wearing my Fall clothes. Boots, chunky cardigans, jumpers, plaid everything, blanket scarfs. In my opinion the best fashion season is definitely Fall.

Loving: The Fall weather, the Fall fashion, having a Starbucks inside my university, the new place I am living (so beautiful) and all the recent make up I have bought. 

Hating: How stuffy my university room is. I wasn't expecting a massive bedroom but it isn't the size I am complaining about I can deal with that, it is the lack of air. There is no air conditioning in the rooms, so I have to open windows if I want any air but then it gets too cold so you see my problem I can't really win. So because of the lack of air I have been dealing with a cough, dry lips and a hell of a lot of congestion it is the pits.

Wanting: A brown pair of boots then my Fall wardrobe is complete. 

Tan Buckle Strap Block Heel Ankle Boots  | New Look
These are in my basket and I am so tempted to buy them, what do you think?

Doing: Research for ongoing presentations and assessments that I have coming up. So much planning to do but so little time ah.

Working on: Budgeting, when I was back home I didn't really pay for much myself. My mum paid for the internet, shopping, electricity, water and all the other bills there are. All I paid for was anything I needed for myself like clothes, shoes, make up so now having to pay for groceries and other bills all whilst having a social life is a challenge. 

Thinking about: Halloween, more specifically my costume for it. I have had a few ideas floating around but none that I am set on buying. I know that I am a little late considering I have about 8-9 days before Halloween is here but this year I have been struggling. I usually start browsing and buying costumes early October but this year I have been so busy and just cannot for the life of me decide on a costume. 

Adult 101 Dalmations Cruella De Ville Outfit Fancy Dress Costume Womens Female | eBay:
Love this costume and it is the cheaper option and has free next day delivery.

Angelina Jolie ♥ Disneys Maleficent:
 I love Maleficent and think I could pull this off.

Are we sensing a Disney theme here?? Which one do you prefer?

Feeling: Stressed. I have so much to do in the next few weeks regarding work for university that I do not know how I am going to be able to accomplish it all. I have been trying to get a little bit of a head start but it isn't really helping my stress levels. 

Now that you are all caught up with me, what has been going on with you?

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