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1| My make up routine is pretty simple to say the least. I usually wear foundation, mascara, a nude/light pink lipstick and an eye brow pencil for my eyebrows. I really want to add a few more products for nighttime wear because I think my simple routine works for the day but not for the night. I am thinking of investing in the Urban Decay eye shadow pallet, has anyone used it would you recommend it? Is it worth the hype and money? 

2| My hair is in terrible condition lately. It keeps falling out and is so dry! I wake up to hair everywhere, I am so lucky my hair is thick otherwise I would have none left. My hair needs some love so do you have any tips or products that can help with my current hair situation? I can't handle waking up to this much hair anymore and having to hoover all the time because it is that bad. 

3| One of my goals was to drink more water and cut down my soda to one can/glass a day. I managed it for 2 days before I started to feel horrible. I am talking headaches and even getting the shakes. Please tell me it will get better because I am about to run to the nearest store to stock up on soda. I really want to start cutting down on my sugar intake and soda is where I consume most of my sugar from so when will these symptoms start to go? I literally had to take a nap yesterday and be in the dark for hours as my headaches were that bad. 

This is definitely me! #addictedtopepsi

4| Everyone knows I love Adele, I think her voice is on another level. I absolutely love her new album and I am so glad she is back. I just wish her tour tickets weren't so damn expensive so I could go. She took part in James Corden's late late late car pool karaoke, have you all seen it? It has made me fall even more in love with her, she is so down to earth. Who knew she could rap too! If you haven't seen it then you can watch it here. Please give it a watch it will not disappoint.

5| This weekend I am going home to spend some time with my family. Although I have only been back to university for 2 weeks, it has been so stressful. I have had essays due in and presentations to present. I just need some time in my own home and a decent nights sleep, living in university accommodation is no joke guys. My mum has also taken the whole weekend off and considering I rarely saw her over the Christmas break it will be so nice to spend some quality time with her. I am so lucky to only live an hour away from my home town.

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  1. I have the UD palette & love it!! Have fun with your family this weekend!

    1. I may have to pull the plug and buy it! I need to mix up my make up routine a bit and have a different look day vs night!

  2. I have a few the naked palettes and they're all gorgeous! I tried so hard to get tickets to the Adele show, and it was sold out almost immediately. I guess that I'll just have to listen to her CDs :(

    1. Definitely going to buy one when I go shopping next weekend!
      I was going to buy them for my mum for Christmas but then when I realised the price I almost fainted ha #studentproblems Although Adele is worth every penny such a stunning performance.
      I am with you on listening to her CD instead but apparently she may be adding more dates so watch out!


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