It's The Weekend {Finally}



This week has been so exhausting and I am so ready for the weekend!

Now onto my weekly five...

1| Cinema date

Last night I went to the cinema with a few friends, we seen The Revenant which I really enjoyed. I really hope Leo wins an Oscar for this, I know he is the favourite to win so fingers crossed that he does. He put his body through so much filming this movie so it would be great for him to finally get recognised. Have any of you seen this film did you enjoy it?

2| R.I.P Booties

My favourite pair of black boots are officially retired to the bin. I bought them way back in September and they look so worn (mainly because I did in fact wear them everyday) So now I am on the hunt for a new pair of black boots that will last me a little while longer than my old ones. I have a pair of grey ones and brown ones that I hardly wear because I always seem to pair things with my black boots so replacing them is definitely on the cards. There are two pairs that are on major sale that I like but can't choose between.

This pair

Image 1 of ASOS ENOUGH SAID Chelsea Ankle Boots

Black Chelsea Boots | New Look
This pair

Do I go for the flats or the heeled? 

3| Pancake day

I am so excited for 9th of February as it is officially pancake day! As you all know (by my blog name) pancakes are my favourite. I cannot wait to have an excuse to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bring on the Nutella, syrup, sugar and all the other toppings.

4| Make up removal

I need your guys help again (seriously I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you all to help me out on the regular) As you know winter plays havoc with my skin and it is all dry and red so I have finally found a good moisturiser for my skin that seems to calm down the redness and ease the dry skin a little bit. All I do at night to take my make up of is a simple wet wipe and then in the morning I will wash my face with some fash wash if I have time (which is never lets face it *excuse the pun*) So I was wondering what products do you all use to take your make up off? Some kind of cleanser? Some kind of face wash? I think using simple wet wipes isn't taking all the make up off and making my skin worse so any suggestions are welcome.

5| Give me a break

I have been studying all week long which has definitely taken its toll on me. Whenever I study I never seem to look after myself properly I eat more snacks because I haven't got time to make a proper meal, I get less sleep because I seem to be more productive late evening and I use way more dry shampoo than necessary. I cannot wait until February 12th to have a week break and to get some kind of routine back.

I apolgise for the quality of this photo my dorm room lacks natural light its a nightmare!

If you need me this weekend my head will literally be in these books. Please send coffee tea!

What are your plans for this weekend? Please don't make me too jealous;)

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  1. I like the flat boots... More practical! I wear my flat shoes waaaay more than any heeled shoe!

    1. I am leaning more towards the flat shoe as they seem more practical for everyday wear, might just pull the plug and get both ha.
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. I hate it when you have a pair of shoes that you love so much that they get worn every day and then you have to retire them. If you wear them that much, it might be worth getting the flats because those tend to be more comfortable.
    I really don't use anything fancy for taking off my makeup. I use the blue Neutrogena wipes, and then Ponds Cold Cream for taking off my waterproof eye makeup. The Ponds might be a good option because it's a cream.

    1. I know I loved them, they had gold buckles on them and were so comfy! They went with everything as well so I got my moneys worth out of them which is the best thing.
      Yeah I am leaning towards the flats more as they seem the more sensible option as I wear them all the time and I know they would be more comfortable than the heeled.
      Totally going to have a look at the cream, especially because wipes tend to irritate my eyes when I get my eye make up off with a wet wipe the joys of having sensitive skin!

  3. I personally love the heeled booties, soooo cute!!! And I use coconut oil to remove all my makeup :) I LOVE it because it is natural and SUPER moisturizing and gets off all of my makeup! Plus it is anti bacterial it helps get rid of zits, too! It seems weird because it's an oil but I promise you it is amazing!

    1. I know I love them too and may just buy the both of them because I love the heels so much but the flats seem more of a sensible choice ugh! I have some coconut oil laying around so I will definitely try this. Does it not leave your face oily though? Or is that if you use too much of it?


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