Weekend Happenings...


This is so true

Sorry for the radio silence over in these parts yesterday, it was just I had one extra day to squeeze in with family before it was time to head back to university. 

So lets get on with my very 'exciting' weekend which consisted of...

-Travelling back Friday evening to my hometown and standing up on the train for an hour of my journey, public transport is rough sometimes.

-Relaxing the rest of the night and watching Celebrity Big Brother. 

-Sleeping in Saturday morning which was well needed.

-Bundling up and going for an afternoon walk with my mother. It was pretty chilly but was so nice to take advantage of this dry weather. 

Yikes so cold!

-Went and visited my little cousin and played Monopoly with him. He is 6 and he won TWICE, without me even letting him. 

As you can see I lost. 

-Playing this addicting game on the Xbox called Peggle which got me all kinds of frustrated as I could not complete this one level. 

-Ending the night with take out from Dominos and the last episode of Making a Murderer. This had me hooked from start to finish. Although the more I watch it the more I think he is guilty, what are your thoughts on it?

-Hitting the grocery store early Sunday morning to pick out ingredients for dinner.

-Stopping by Starbucks for my much needed caffeine fix.

-Spending the rest of the morning with my grandparents and helping them around the house.

One of my favourite people, so lucky to still have this man around.

-Making this copy cat recipe of TGI Friday's potato skins. So good!

This CopyCat TGI Friday's Potato Skins Recipe was a HUGE hit with my entire family. In the past we will make a trip to TGI Friday's to enjoy an appetizer pl:

-Meeting up with one of my closest friends from school who I haven't seen in so long and had a Disney movie marathon.

-Ate my weight in sweets during said movie marathon. Calories don't count on weekends right?

Working on the blog for a little while, prepping this post and responding to comments etc.

-Chilling out for the rest of the evening with some dessert and Celebrity Big Brother.

-Falling asleep at around 10pm as I can't hang like I used too. 

-Working on my 2,000 word essay on Monday for my Philosophy class, I managed to get 200 words done. I always spend more time complaining than actually doing work. 

-Going out for lunch to Nandos with my two friends.

-Having a nice bubble bath with candles and reading some of my new book.

-Catching up on all your blogs that I didn't manage to get around to reading before having an early night again.

I had such a great weekend with my family, as I get older I start to appreciate my family time more, life really is too short. 

What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome weekend! Nice and laid back and you got to sleep in! :) And any weekend with a Disney marathon is a good one! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    1. I hardly sleep in anymore because my body is used to getting up fairly early so I really enjoyed having the luxury of sleeping in!
      Disney movies will forever be my favourite movies.


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