See You All In 2 Weeks...


I am planning on taking a blog hiatus for just over two weeks (19 days to be precise haha). I know I am not super active on here anyway but that is partly because I started to blog again right in the middle of exam season. I am using these 2 weeks to study and take my exams. I will be back with a fully new design and even better content so stay tuned for that. My mind has been so clouded with exam content that I haven't been able to find time to whip up a well thought out post so instead of just writing things for the sake of writing a post I thought I would take a break to work on my exams so I can actually get into my chosen university. I will still try and read as many of your posts as I can but I am not promising anything. Please stick with me through this time and don't leave me because I promise I will be back!

So in short: I will see you all in 2 weeks with some great posts to apologise for my absence!

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