Considering I am super busy I don't have much time to whip up a post about issues that are bothering me or about my weekend shenanigans so instead a quick update on what is going on in my life (other than studying of course)

Watching: Skins, a British tv series. It's available on Netflix and I highly recommend you watch it. I remember watching the first season a few years back but never got into it but I am super glad I gave it a second chance.

Reading: Revision material for my exams and philosophy books:( Nothing exciting I am trying to get into reading blog posts here and there and commenting but I don't have time. I can't wait until exams are over so I can catch up on reading blogs again and start some new books.

Listening: Luke Bryan- Kick the Dust Up or Taylor Swift- Bad Blood they are my current go to jams. 

Eating: Blueberries and low fat yogurt mmm. 

Drinking: A cup of English tea nothing better than that in the morning.

Feeling: Stressed, stressed and more stressed. I hate exam season. 

Wanting: A new pair of white jeans and white converse. I think they will be my staple this summer considering the weather doesn't get that hot over here. Nothing screams summer like white jeans. 

Needing: A break from all the revision I am doing. But I could really use this to put my alcohol in when I go to outdoor festivals this summer! They do monogrammed ones too and I can't wait to snap one up.

Enjoying: How nice the weather has been even if I can not go outside and enjoy it. Nothing brightens my mood than opening my blinds to see the sun streaming in. Sun makes me and everyone else happy.

Missing: How much free time I used to have compared to now. I am super busy with studying that I literally do not have any time to do what I want to do. The weather has been nice and instead of going to brunch or happy hour with my friends I have been stuck inside studying. 

Wearing: Yoga pants or a baggy t-shirt nothing exciting. I am not doing anything other than staying in the house studying so no point getting dressed up. But now that summer is starting to arrive (even though it is currently raining outside) I am excited to switch my wardrobe to a more summer wardrobe regarding dresses and pastel colours.

Beginning: to start the gym again. I signed up for a new membership and I am super excited to get my bum into gear and do some exercise.

Celebrating: The fact that it is only 36 days until my holiday and 15 days until my final exam. 

Credit to Steph for this idea/promp

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