The Weekend Where I Stayed Up Until 5am To Watch The Oscars...


Happy Monday and happy Leap Day friends! I am lucky enough to have today off so I am using this extra day to
 grab a coffee with a friend and to treat myself to a mani and pedi!

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This weekend consisted of 

Taking the train back home Friday afternoon to visit my parents and friends from my hometown for the weekend.

Heading to a sports bar to watch my country compete in a rugby match with my bestie, lots of alcoholic drinks were consumed and our team won. 

Go reds!

Coming home straight after the match at 10pm because I cannot hang like I used too. I promptly fell asleep by 10.05 #oldladystatus

Waking up to an early morning breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon, is there anything better?

Staying in most of Saturday to study for a few exams I have coming up in University. I was reading and taking notes for most of the day.

Online shopping to see all of the new spring clothes coming in the shops. Added a few items to my cart and cannot wait to buy them #hurryuppayday

Feeling a little rough Saturday evening so stayed in my Pjs and caught up on The People v Oj Simpson. Guys I am addicted to this show, seriously!

Going for a early morning walk/jog/run on Sunday considering the sun was out, it felt so good to actually get some vitamin D #hurryupsumme

Visiting my grandparents who cooked dinner for the family. Sunday lunches at my grandparents are the best, they always manage to cook way more than is necessary.
Followed up by my favourite dessert a chocolate cake with ice cream. I think I may of put on 5 pounds this weekend. 

Lots of baby snuggles from the newest addition to the family. Baby Jacob was born this month and I was too busy snuggling to take anymore photos than this one that was on SnapChat. 

Staying up until 5am on Sunday to watch the Oscars! So happy that Leo won best actor, his speech was so good. Good things come to those who wait ey?

Sleeping in on Monday because I had a day off and needed all the sleep I could get after watching the Oscars. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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  1. We had nice weather this weekend and it was SO nice to be able to go for a walk outside and just enjoy the weather!!

    1. I know the temps have either been to cold or the weather has been raining so I welcomed the temps and weather this weekend and went on a scenic walk, I loved it! Cannot wait for the weather to stay like this it'll make me get my steps in easier.

  2. Love when your team wins, so fun. And the breakfast sounds delicious! I am old and I HATE staying out too late.

    1. I love to cheer my team on any excuse for a few drinks and endless snacks haha;) Seriously my eyes start closing come 10pm and most of my friends want to make plans around 8/9 but that is too close to my bedtime for me haha!

  3. I haven't started watched the OJ Simpson show and I really want to! So glad that Leo won - about time! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. It is so good you should definitely find time to watch it, so interesting! Especially with the addition of Robert Kardashian. I know I would of been so unhappy if I stayed up and he didn't win, I love Leo and so glad he won!

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Yay for your team winning, always good times! And I feel you on the old lady status. If I'm out passed 9 pm I crash within seconds of hitting my pillow LOL!

    1. I love it when my team win as the city is always buzzing and full of a good atmosphere. I know this was an evening game which was a bummer much prefer afternoon games so I can come home for my 10pm bedtime haha!

  5. Looks like you had a pretty good weekend. And newborn baby snuggles are the best! So glad you had fun with your friend visiting from out of town.

    1. I am so sad that the weekend was over, it was awesome. I love new born cuddles and their smell!


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