It has been a while since I really sat down and updated you on the ins and outs of my life so what better way to catch up than with a fun little currently post. 

Reading- The Girl On The Train, I know I am super late to the party on this one but I can see why everyone has already read it, such a good read. I have also ordered Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison the former playboy bunny to read after I finished The Girl On The Train. Plus I am reading blogs as always!

Watching- Castle. This is a show me and my mother watch whenever we get a chance. We have about 2 more seasons to watch before we are up to date. We have only been watching since the beginning of July so it is fair to say we have binge watched quite a few episodes. I really recommend it if you like anything to do with crime mixed in with some comedy.

Drinking- Lately I have been obsessed with strawberry lemonade from Mcdonalds. A few times last week and the week before I headed to Mcdonalds just for one of these they are delicious. Other than that I have been drinking water as I am really trying to stay hydrated since my skin is breaking out a lot. 

Eating-  Baked potatoes usually with cheese and bacon pieces or a plain baked potato with some form of meat. I can't get enough of them lately. Then obviously my go to treat is ice cream so I have been eating it by the tub. 

Dreaming about- My next adventure. I know exactly what I want to do and I have planned it over and over in my head, it is just I am little scared to actually pull the plug and go for it. 

Missing-  Summer. For about 2-3 weeks straight we have had rain, wind and cold temperatures so it looks like our Summer weather is over. We had about 3 weeks of dry and hot weather in June and we haven't had any since. Come back Summer!

Wanting- I need a new case for my phone and as you all know I am obsessed with Disney so I found this phone case online and I need to snap it up pronto.

How cute is this?
Also I need a new watch I lost mine about 5 months ago and didn't have insurance, that'll teach me next time. 

These are the options I am looking at

Which one do you prefer?

Working on- Lots of blog posts, I have over 10 completed posts and a lot more that just need to be written up properly. I am also working on a new design overhaul, just getting a few quotes and finding the right person to work with. I am also working on a photo album for my mother for her birthday so that is taking up a lot of time.

Listening to- Disney songs. I added tons of new music to my ITunes library and couldn't forget to add some Disney songs. So I am listening to Part Of Your World as I write this.

Feeling- Scared and worried about the future. I am constantly overthinking about what my life will look like in the next year. I really don't want to be stuck where I am now, living the same life and it worries me that it could actually happen. But I am just scared to go for what I want to do. Please send good vibes and words of encouragement this way while I figure out what I want to do with my life.

Loving- All the new friends I have made recently via blogging, you all are amazing. Yay for making new friends.

Hating- Inconsiderate people. Someone crashed into my mothers car whilst it was parked outside our house, knocking the mirror off, damaging the door and the bumper. Our street is narrow and requires you to pull in to let other cars passed. My mother understands that accidents happen. They did not write a note with their details on or knock our house or surrounding houses to find out whos car it was. That really annoyed me because now we have to pay for the damage as we have no clue who did it.

Wearing- Yoga pants and a t-shirt. Comfiest clothes ever.

What are you doing? Anything you want to share?

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  1. Yoga pants for life :) I loved Girl on the Train, too - I heard they're making it into a movie!

    1. I hope they make it into a movie, I would definitely go and see it. But fingers cross they don't ruin it because some movies tend to ruin the books!


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