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Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday but there is a reason why. MY BLOG WENT MISSING! Yes missing. I was playing around, writing up some posts, reading and commenting on posts and I refreshed my dashboard and there was nothing except my reading list. So I refreshed it again and nothing, my whole blog had disappeared. I could still view my blog by typing in its name in the address bar and I could still reply to any comments left and I could still comment on all your blogs but as far as writing a post I could not do it. I literally was about to burst into tears because I was just getting to know some amazing people through blogging and just really enjoying having a place to share the happenings of my life. I considered making a new one but then I would have to think of a name again, go through some design aspects (when I am already working with someone to design this space) and I would have to come up with a hell of a lot of post ideas as I had millions floating around in my drafts of this blog. So I just decided to go for ice cream and figure it out afterwards. I think I thought it would all just reappear when I got home but of course it didn't. I took to Google and it gave me tons of solutions to restore my blog but none of them seemed to be what happened to my blog. There was no drop down arrow with deleted blogs so I thought I was screwed. I emailed Blogger and they gave me a few suggestions but it just seemed complicated and I could not understand what they were on about. So I just made a new blog after trying to restore mine for over 3 hours to no avail. I got a new name, done a quick design and scheduled a post about why I have a new blog ready to go up tomorrow. It took me all of 2 hours but I just wasn't happy I wanted this blog back. So I tried once more time, I logged out of all my other Gmail accounts and kept the one logged in on my old blog and I went to a different browser (Internet Explorer ugh) and my blog was there on my dashboard but on Chrome it had disappeared. I clicked settings and I realised that I had no author or admin so I must of somehow kicked myself off the blog. I managed to re-add myself via Internet Explorer and went back to Chrome and my blog is back! In total it took me about 6 hours to do and I stayed up until 1am figuring it out! You can find me napping the rest of the day now.

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  1. Oh no that is the worst! Glad you got your blog back.

    1. I am so happy too but I am just an author and not an admin so I need to figure that out now otherwise I cannot change my design ugh.


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