This week has dragged on way too long for me so I am super pumped that it is the weekend. Lets get straight to it!

1) {New purchases}

I bought a new foundation this week and whilst it is a little on the pricey side I am in love! It lasts all day and actually goes on smoothly. I hate those foundations that look cakey when you apply them.

It is by Yves Saint Laurent and is really good for day or night wear. 

I also ordered this cute make up bag. Perfect for me to put my essentials in and throw into my handbag or to keep my essentials organised instead of thrown across the bathroom cabinet. 

2) {Weather talk- rain rain go away}

The weather has been awful here lately. I am talking rain and wind non stop so plans have been pretty limited. Rain makes me just want to curl up inside! So I used that time to head to the library to browse for some books. I just can't justify spending £10-15 on a book that I can get free in the library. I picked up the girl on the train and I am already half way through. It feels good to pick up a book again instead of turning on the Tv. 

3) {Poor me}

I haven't felt myself since I came back from holiday. I have had a continuous cough that has kept me up until all hours, my nose keeps dripping like a tap and I just feel tired. I know it is nothing serious and I will get over it soon yadda yadda but it is just super annoying. I love sleep and to be kept up until all hours is really getting on my nerves, plus coughing until I am nearly sick no thank you. Anyone have any remedies to make any of said issues better? 

4) {To fit bit or not to fit bit}

I am thinking of getting a fit bit but I am still indecisive. Are they worth getting? I need something that tracks my steps so I know where I am and it seems like a good thing to help achieve fitness goals that I set for myself. 

5)  {Weekend plans}

This weekend is my local summer cheese and wine festival! There are samples for you to try, rides and a lot of other random stalls. I love going to the festival it may be because of the free wine but sh;) I hope the weather holds up because it is such a fun event for the whole family to attend!


Hope you all have a productive yet relaxing weekend! 

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  1. I love YSL products! I've never tried their foundation, but I have used their lipstick before and it was amazing!

    1. I usually use Mac products but I needed a change so I decided to go with YSL. So happy I did, I am loving it! So smooth to go on and lasts all day I call that a win. I haven't tried their lipsticks I totally will now after hearing they are amazing.

  2. I've been debating over the fitbit purchase as well! I have the app on the phone which tracks my steps, but it's not as accurate and if I don't have it on me then my steps don't get tracked. It's better than nothing though! Have fun at the wine and cheese festival, sounds fun!

    1. Yeah I downloaded the steps app and I left it on whilst a call come in and as I was shaking my phone it thought I was using steps lol! I think I may pull the trigger and buy it this weekend or next week.
      Thank you I hope the weather holds out!

  3. I have been thinking about the fitbit too! I'm leaning towards getting it, I've heard so many good things about it!

    Have fun at the festival this weekend sounds awesome!


    1. I have been scouring reviews from bloggers and people who review things and they all seem to be positive so I think I may buy it.
      Thank you. I hope it doesn't rain!


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