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Everyone has flaws, everyone has things that they don't necessarily like abut themselves or wish they could change and that leads a lot of people to become insecure within themselves. But I think it's important to not look at our flaws as something that is necessarily bad but instead to look at them as little quirks that make us who we are. We are all beautiful and have the ability to be loved for who we are despite those ''flaws''. So I think it's time we all embraced our quirks instead of feeling ashamed of them.

I am not morning person.

Once I have woken up it takes me about an hour or two to actually want to talk to anyone without biting their head off. If anyone decides to wake me up in the morning then I will be in a funk of all day. I like my mornings to be peaceful and silent with a lovely cup of tea. All my friends seem to be morning people and make plans for 11am and I am only just rolling out of bed then. They have recently learnt that I am simply not going to go anywhere unless it's after 12PM so they refrain from making plans any earlier. One time they did turn up at 11am with tea and cookies so I couldn't really complain. 

I am a fussy eater.

I am a nightmare to take out to a restaurant, I am like a little child. I have to have everything plain, I do not like condiments or salad so I have to explain to the waitress that I want plain and explain that means with nothing on it, it's such a long process. I also dislike fish, lamb, olives and mushrooms. I prefer to stick with lasange or chicken nuggets. 

I am never on time.

I am always late for everything. My time keeping is appalling, I always end up thinking that my hair and make up routine takes less time than it actually does. Then something always manages to go wrong and I am even later for wherever I am suppose to be. I always text whoever I am meeting that I am leaving when in reality I am still sat in my house in my pajamas. I know it's such a horrible trait to have and I have been trying really hard to improve this.

I am impatient. 

Maybe this comes from being the only child where I am used to having things when I want. But I hate waiting for things, I want everything to happen when I want them too. This is seriously frustrating when things are out of my control and I have to *patiently* wait for them. 

What are some of your flaws? Do you share any of the same flaws as me? Have you embraced them or do you still find it a challenge to accept them?

*I seen a similar post a few months ago on Kelly's blog and I loved the idea so I thought I would write my own post about my own flaws.*

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  1. What a fun post idea, lady! I agree, we should embrace our imperfections instead of pretending to be perfect. Those kind of bloggers are NO fun to read and you can see right through that stuff.

    My husband is the worst about keeping time and it's a bone of contention between the two of us, haha.

    1. I have stopped reading a few blogs who pretend they have it all together all of the time because I love to see real life, that is what blogging is about sharing real life and if you can't write about those not so perfect moments then you aren't for me!
      I always end up having that 5 minutes extra in bed and then my whole routine is thrown off so I end up being late but those few moments I am on time and someone else is late I don't like it ha!

  2. Oh my list of flaws is never ending, ha ha! And I have a hard time accepting any of them.
    I USED to be on time (actually, early) but ever since having a kid? It's all gone downhill from there. Imagine how much worse it's going to be when I have our second baby, ha ha! Yikes!

    1. I hope you start accepting them after reading this post because those things are why your husband fell in love with you in the first place and they make you who you are. Sure there is room for improvement always but those flaws should be accepted. At least you have a valid excuse as to why you are late, kids make things harder.

  3. I've really been trying to turn myself into a morning person but I'm just not. I'd much rather stay up two hours later than go to bed early and wake up early. 11:30 PM is my prime time lol!

    1. I feel you girl! I rather go to bed late and wake up late. My body does not allow me to go to bed before 11PM!

  4. I have way too many flaws, haha probably the biggest one being that I hold grudges for way too long. It's so bad and I hate that about myself so it's constantly a work in progress for me!

    1. I have a lot more flaws I could list off too ha! I hold grudges for a long time as well because one of my personality traits is that I am stubborn so getting me to forgive someone and not hold their past against them is hard.


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