The ABC'S of me


Lately I have noticed some new readers so I thought I would reintroduce myself with a fun about me post...

Available: Yes someone hit a girl up;) Preferably with this man. 

How hot is Zac Efron?! *drool*

Biggest Fear: Cats they always look like they are going to attack me or death. 
Crushing On: This play suit.

Drink You Had Last: 
A nice cold glass of pepsi (I am only suppose to be drinking water but shh)
Easiest Person to Talk To: My mother and my one friend called Lucy.

Favorite Song: I cannot pick a favourite song. These are my current songs to play on repeat this summer (here, here and here)
Grossest Memory: Um I can't really remember off the top of my head. Maybe the time when I cracked my head open whilst on holiday with the school and I had to have stitches. I couldn't wash my hair for fear of undoing the stitches so I went around Disney with blood in my hair. Not my finest moment.
Hometown: I was born and raised in a small town in Wales. Pointless mentioning said town as no one would of heard of Wales never mind the small town ha.

In Love With:
 My new top! I got it from the children's section in New Look for £5.99 because hello cheap clothing and also pineapples.

Jealous Of: People who balance things so perfectly in their life such as a home, job, marriage, parenting. I mean I cannot even balance friendship, family and school work never mind all the other duties people have. Also jealous of people who can look presentable in yoga pants, a top knot and no make up. 
Killed Someone: Not that I know of.
Longest Relationship: Lets skip this one, I wasn't one to stick in a realtionship in my younger years ha! I got bored easily oops. 

Middle Name:
Number of Siblings: None I am an only child which means I get all the attention to myself ha;) If you are wondering if I ever get lonely the answer is no I have a big family who all live in the same town as me that I see all the time so there is no time to get lonely.
One Wish: To get into my chosen university course, to win the lottery (doesn't everyone) and to live in America somewhere. 

Person Who Called Last: 
My nan, we always have daily phone calls and usually see each most days too. I cannot live without my nan.
Question You're Always Asked: How tall are you? I am 5'1 and everyone always asks me my height because they cannot believe how short I am.

Reason to Smile: Summer is here, no more exams and I never have to attend college again woo!

Song You Last Sang:
Bad blood by my girl Taylor. 
Time you Woke Up: 10am such is a life of a college student who has no classes to attend. 

Unsure Of: 
Whether I have done enough to get into my chosen university so please pray for me that I have. 

Violent Moment You Had: 
I am not a violent person so I don't really know when the last time I had a violent moment. 

Worst Habit[s]: Biting my nails, swearing, judging people, eating when I am bored. 

Number of X-Rays You've Had: None, zero, nada. I have never had an xray or broken any bones in my body. I am one lucky girl. Although I wanted to break my leg when I was younger so I could have an xray and have crutches.

Years Young:
Zodiac Sign: Libra.

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  1. I love Zac Efron too! And wouldn't it be nice to win the lottery?!

    1. I know he is smoking hot;) Yes I constantly think of all the things I would buy/do if I won the lottery!


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